Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano

Friday, December 15, 2017

 Book Description
  Working as a paid companion may be quite commonplace, but Miss Gertrude Cadwalader's eccentric employer makes her job unpredictable, to say the least. She finds herself carrying out an array of highly unusual tasks, including wearing peculiar outfits and returning items the woman pilfered. But when the wealthy Mrs. Sinclair catches Gertrude sneaking around the Sinclair yacht with some of the missing items in her possession, she immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Shipping magnate Harrison Sinclair is caught in the middle of a misunderstanding between his mother and Gertrude, but he can't help coming to his friend's defense. Even as he hopes their friendship might become something more, Harrison is unprepared for the outlandish escapades that seem to follow the lovely, anything-but-ordinary Gertrude at every turn.
My Review
I really enjoy Jen Turano's style of writing! The touch of mystery was really fun, and the humor was beyond wonderful. Although I would highly recommend you read book one in this series before starting this book. I made the mistake of missing book one, an because of that I felt like I missed some of the background to the story. But even with that the characters were still very enjoyable and it was a fun story. And I am already looking forward to the next book by Jen Turano!
 I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. The opinions are my own.
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Free Patterns of the Month - Ready for Some Snow?

Friday, December 1, 2017

This month we have some wonderful free patterns that would be cozy and fun to make this winter!

Ada by Rachael Cook 
Ada is a beautiful knit shawl with a unique shape and amazing details. I love how the cables and eyelets add a refined look to it. With a wonderful cozy feel and classy look it would be great to wear to a special event or family get together this winter.
 Lumikuningatar by Tiina Väätäinen 
 Coupon code to get it free: lankatarha
If you love snowflakes and winter adventures, then this may just be your next must try pattern! It is made with stranded knitting in two colors of sport (or light dk) weight yarn. Enjoy making the mittens, and then get outside and enjoy the winter wonderland.
  Winter White Owl by Claire Garland 
I love cute little owl projects. And this knit owl has got to be one of my new favorites! She is just so darling, and I love how amazingly realistic she looks!
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Thanks for Coming!

  I hope you enjoyed this years Fiber Fun Month! If you would like to join me in doing an interview, guest post, or another idea feel free to email me. I plan to keep more fiber and craft related posts going through the winter, so be sure to come back again. 

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Bulky Yarn Pom-Poms

Thursday, November 30, 2017

You can make pom-poms with many different types of yarn. But have you ever tried using bulky yarn or specialty yarns? If not then you should give it a try! The bulky yarns and specialty yarns can make some of the coolest looking pom-poms. From velvety plush, to full and airy, the pom-poms can be amazing!
 In this post I will show you how to use one of the large Clover brand pom-pom makers to make a bulky weight Sashay yarn pom-pom. But be warned, with these simple tools from Clover, making beautiful pom-poms is so easy it can becoming addicting! :) So grab your pom-pom maker and some yarn, and lets get started.
Step 1:
 Open up one pair of arms on your pom-pom maker. Holding a short yarn tail near the base of the arm, start wrapping your yarn up the arm of the tool. As you go keep pushing the wraps together towards the beginning, that way you can fit as much yarn as possible in the fist layer. 
Step 2:
 When you get to the end go back over your wraps with 1 to 2 thinner layers of yarn. You want to make sure the pom-pom maker can still close, and that you can still cut through it, but having as much yarn as possible on it will give you a thinker and fluffier pom-pom. After it is full close the arm and cut your yarn, leaving a short tail.
Step 3:
 Now open the other arm on the tool and repeat steps 1 through 2.
Step 4:
 Now that your pom-pom maker is full of yarn you will need to cut it. With a small pair of sharp scissors you will need to cut straight down the middle on both sides. Use the grove the tool has in the middle as a guide to keep the cutting going straight. As you are cutting make sure the arms of the tool stay closed. If they open right now your pom-pom may fall apart.
Step 5:
Now take some worsted weight yarn in a coordinating color, and cut off a piece about 20 inches long. And tie the yarn in a double knot around the pom-pom maker. The tying yarn will slip down through the grove in the middle, so you are able to tighten the knot all the way down. You want to make sure the knot is as tight as possible, but be careful not to pull to tight or the tying yarn may break.
Step 6:
Then just open both arms, and gently pull both halves of the pom-pom maker apart.
Fluff the pom-pom up, and shape it with scissor to get a nice round shape and even up any stray longer pieces. You can leave the tails of the yarn you tied it with on the pom-pom if you want, that way you can use it to easily attach the pom-pom to you next project. 

 And that is all there is to it! And since you can use the same steps with other sizes of yarns, there are so many fun options when it comes to making your pom-poms! Not only can they be used on hats and other knit/crochet projects. But you can even make fun things like pom-pom snowmen, turkeys, or even a pom-pom bouquet. Enjoy!
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