A Defense of Honor by Kristi Ann Hunter

Monday, August 13, 2018

  Book Description
 When Katherine "Kit" FitzGilbert turned her back on London society more than a decade ago, she determined never to set foot in a ballroom again. But when business takes her to London and she's forced to run for her life, she stumbles upon not only a glamorous ballroom but also Graham, Lord Wharton. What should have been a chance encounter becomes much more as Graham embarks on a search for his friend's missing sister and is convinced Kit knows more about the girl than she's telling.

After meeting Graham, Kit finds herself wishing things could have been different for the first time in her life, but what she wants can't matter. Long ago, she dedicated herself to helping women escape the same scorn that drove her from London and to raising the innocent children caught in the crossfire. But as much as she desperately wishes to tell Graham everything, the risk of revealing the truth may come at too high a price for those she loves.
My Review
This was the first time I have tried reading a book by Kristi Ann Hunter, and I loved it! The characters and setting were wonderfully done, and the plot was great. The author's writing style is a little different than what I am used to, and it was so enjoyable! I loves the touches of humor she added, and the mystery was well done. It kept me turning the pages, but it did not drag out for to long. It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it!
 I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review. The opinions are my own.
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Barefoot Beach Sandals

Wednesday, July 25, 2018



If you love barefoot sandals, then check out this new pattern by Robin Dykema. She has a beautiful new pattern for a pair of beaded barefoot sandals available! And for a limited time she is offering them for free! 
https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/beaded-beach-or-yoga-sandalsI helped test this pattern before it's release, and I loved it. It is an easy pattern to make, and the finished product is amazing! I love the fit, beaded details, and the overall look. I already have a waiting list of family members started that want a pair as well. :)
Free offer expires 7-31-18
 Coupon code: Barefoot
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Free Patterns - Summer Trips

Friday, July 6, 2018

by The Noble Thread 
Whisper is a lovely cotton knit poncho that is perfect for a summer trip! With it's light and airy look it is great for wearing to the beach or other summer adventurers.
It fits nicely at the shoulders, and drapes in soft waves around you. And since it is knit in one piece, it is great for people who don't enjoy a lot of seaming.
 Tiny Bunny
by Anastasia Kirs 
If you want to bring a project along on your trip, but you only have a little room in your luggage, how about an adorable tiny bunny! It is a great crochet project that can be finished in a couple of hours. And it takes up almost no space in your bags. And what a cute finished project to take home with you!
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Trust And Obey Blog Tour

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Faith Blum has a new book. And it's not a Western! It is a retelling set during the time of King Saul. Read on to learn more about the book.

About the Book

A wicked priestess, a morally corrupt king, and two children stuck in the middle…

Hadassah and Gidal love their parents and will do anything for them. When Priestess Basmat tell Ehud and Jerusha to pay their debt, they cannot and she takes Hadassah and Gidal as her slaves for two years.

The priestess works them hard, but there are two other servants to divide the load with, so they cope as well as they can. Then King Saul comes in disguise requesting the priestess’s other services—as a medium.

Will Hadassah and Gidal trust Adonai to take care of them? What will happen after Priestess Basmat comes face-to-face with the prophet Samuel?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D939ZPL