Bunnies growing as fast as grass

Monday, April 9, 2012

Above are some more photos of my litter of purebred French Angora bunnies!! [although the chocolate looking bunnies in the group photo are not that color in real life, they are lilac. The lighting must have been off or something in the photo] The photos were taken on 4-6-12, the bunnies are getting so fuzzy!! I think they are even more fuzzy now than when these photos were taken!! It looks like the lilac bunnies might have a little white on the back of their neck and/or between their ears!! And it look like the blue bunny might be a blue Agouti!! If you would like to reserve any hurry and email me at annedoug13579@gmail.com to save your favorite little bunny now before they are gone!!

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  1. Our family lives in Rocheport, just West of Columbia. And, we are seriously thinking about getting started with Angoras. We have never seen one of these (or felt one) in real life - only in books. Would it be possible to come out and "meet" the bunnies?
    You can email at flutefelicity@aol.com