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Friday, October 25, 2013

This fall why not save up some free food? You can collect persimmons and turn them into lovely sauce, that can be used to make great things like persimmon bread! If you have ever heard that persimmons taste bad you should try them first, the people who say it probably have tried to eat one that was not ready yet. When a persimmon turns a lovely orange color and looks perfect they are not ready yet, they need to look like they are over ripened before they are ready. Like in the photo below the persimmons on the left need more time to ripen, it is the persimmons on the right hand side that are ready to eat. You need to wait until around the first frost or later and only pick up the ones that have already fallen to the ground.
If you just use the following steps you can save them as persimmon sauce in the freezer to use whenever you want. And it is so easy to do with no cooking like apple sauce needs!
Step 1 ~
Pull all the stems and tops off of the persimmons and put them in a large bowl of some kind. Just be careful while handling them as they are really soft and can be smashed easily.
Step 2 ~
Fill your bowl with some water and wash the persimmons off by shaking them around carefully. Then drain off all the water.
Step 3 ~
Just dump the persimmons in a sieve like the one in the photo below, where you can smash the persimmon up. That way you have a beautiful sauce in your bowl below and all the seeds stayed inside the sieve so you can through them away.
Step 4 ~
Enjoy! That is all there is to it!

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