Tip Of The Day ~ Decorating For Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014

 If you want to decorate this year for Thanksgiving without spending much try this! Take some dried leaves from outside and, with a little paint brush, paint some of the leaf veins with normal school glue. Then just poured some glitter over the glue. You can either use one color of glitter or multiple colors, it just depends on what you want. Turn upside down to dump off any extra glitter then set it aside to dry. And there you go! You just made a beautiful glitter leaf you can tape to where ever you want.
Plus if you have some fox tail plants growing outside they make a lovely bouquet! Just pick a nice little handful and tie them together with a piece of ribbon. I like to use the ribbon with the wire edges so the bow will stand out nicely. Then tape or hang the bouquet anywhere you would like. I normally love to put one on each side of a doorway for a nice touch to the room. And there you have it, fun and easy ways to decorate for Thanksgiving without a lot of cost!   

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