Fiber Fun Month ~ Ashford Niddy Noddy Review

Monday, December 29, 2014
I am so glad I got a Niddy Noddy from Ashford! It has a simple yet lovely design and it works amazingly well! It is a great way to wind up your hand spun yarn straight from the spinning wheel bobbin. And it is a wonderful tool for telling how long your yarn is while you make it into a skein. The niddy noddy is made from turned Silver Beech hardwood and is really easy to use. I put a danish oil finish on mine and I love it! All I had to do when putting it together was just put both ends onto the middle bar. Some people like to glue the ends on, but I like to leave mine just the way it is without any glue. That way I can take it apart if I need to for easy traveling, storage, etc. And with the specially shaped crossbars the skein is easy to get off when you are done. It is a wonderful tool for anyone who enjoys spinning, and I highly recommend it!
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