The Pirate Daughter's Promise by Molly Evangeline

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Becoming a orphan at a young age was very hard for Skylar McHenry. She was treated more like a servant and shunned by almost everyone because she was a pirate's daughter. But even through a hard life Skye never lost hope in relying on her heavenly Father's care, and her friendship with Will. Who was a dear friend that she grew up with. 

 But just when things start looking like they may get better, her world falls apart. One night the town is attacked with blasts from a ships cannon. And before Skye knows what is going on the pirates brake into the orphanage... to get only her. After being taken to their ship she discovers what they are after. The cruel captain wants the location of the treasure hidden by her father. But telling him where it is would be braking the last promise she made to her father. But when the lives of the the people dearest to her are threatened she must do something.
 The Pirate Daughter's Promise is a wonderfully done book. When you think of books that have a message of faith in them pirate stories are probably not the first kind you think about. But that is exactly what Molly Evangeline wrote. And I really enjoyed it! She worked the faith part into the story very nicely. And I really liked the way you could see the characters faith at work, instead of only hearing them talk about it.
Yet at the same time the pirates were very realistic. There were some very exciting scenes, and all of the places the characters went felt very real. And there were some amazing surprises along the way that I never seen coming! This was a great book and I would love to read more stories from this author! 
I received this book free from the author, Molly Evangeline, for my honest review. The opinions are my own.
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