Author Interview With Rebekah Morris

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Today we have a interview with Rebekah Morris! She has some wonderful books published, some of which are pictured in this interview. Feel free to click on any of the book covers below for more info about that book. If you would like to see all of the books by Rebekah Morris just click here.

Hi Rebekah, Please tell us more about yourself, and what inspired you to begin writing?
Hi! Thanks for having me. I'm a homeschool graduate, hand-quilter, writing teacher and author of 11 plus books. I live in the Show-Me state and am the youngest of three. I have two nieces and four nephews to keep me busy and they love having me tell them a story. I'm not sure what inspired me to begin writing. I hated it when I was in school, but after I had graduated, I began writing with some friends and was soon addicted. I've always loved a good story (Just wish I had more time to read.) and writing my own books is almost as much fun. It takes more work, but I enjoy watching everything come together.

What are some of your newest books you have published?

 My newest books which have been published this year are "Gift from the Storm" and "Triple Creek Ranch - Set Free." The latter one being the 5th in the Triple Creek Ranch series while the former is a stand alone novel.

What is your favorite book you have written? What is it about?
 Oh, dear. I should be able to answer this because it is a common question, but it is so hard. As one of my friends put it, "It's like trying to pick which of your children is your favorite." Though I love all my books, I think my top two would be my very first book "Home Fires of the Great War" and "Gift from the Storm." "Home Fires" will always hold a special place for me because it was my first book, but also because I spend six years of my life living with the characters. They were so real to me that I felt like I should be able to introduce them to others. I laughed with them, cried with them, enjoyed their day-to-day lives during the Great War (WW1) and when the book was finished, I cried. I didn't want to say good-bye.
"Gift from the Storm" is different. It is a different style than all my other books. When I started it, I had no plans to write a book. And it wasn't until I was about half way done that I even knew how it all turned out.  I'm not sure I can put my finger on why I like this book so much, but I do. :)

Who is your favorite character in the book you listed in the question above, and why?

 Favorite character? Hmm. Okay, for "Homes Fires" I'd probably have to say Emma. Not only was her personality much like mine in some ways, but she was a great story teller. (You have to read her "Ted, Fred, Larry, and Jim" stories!)  But I really like Maria too. Well, in "Gift from the Storm" I put myself into one of the characters so much that my Grandma knew at once who she was based off of. But I can't say she was my favorite character. I think I'd say Amy was my favorite. Or perhaps Dr. Justin Morgan. Again, it's really hard to choose.

Do you have any new books you are working on? Actually I do. I was going to take a break from writing books for a few months so I could get some other things done, but a short story I started has grown into 24,000+ words and I don't know where the end is. Right now it has no title except "Through the Tunnel." I also have a start to a new "Graham Quartet Mystery" book, ideas for the next two Triple Creek Ranch books and am hoping to get a collection of Christmas stories published before Christmas. Other than that, I'm not working on anything. :)

Thank you for doing a interview with us Rebekah, do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?
 I can't think of anything else right now.
Thanks again for having me. If you would like to see my books or get in touch with me, feel free to visit me at Have a wonderful day!
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