Antique Spinning Tools - The Distaff

Thursday, September 1, 2016

I love history, and when history and spinning are in the same sentence you definitely have my interest! So I love just about any antique type of spinning tool. Including an amazing tool call a distaff. There are different sizes of distaffs, but the type I am posting about today is called a belt distaff. It is about 3 feet long, and the bottom end is tucked in a belt while you use it. You are able to wrap a lot of fiber around the top of the distaff, giving you the ability to take most, or all, of the fiber for a project along with you. So you don't need to dig more fiber out of a project bag, it is already held neat and orderly on the distaff and is ready to use at any time. Below are some pictures of my belt distaff while it is bare, being dressed, and fully dressed and ready to use. I could have put a lot more fiber on it, but for my current project I only needed this much fiber. So as you can see you can put on as much or as little fiber as you need.

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