HersheyFiberArts Medieval Spindle Review

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

HersheyFiberArts is my favorite place for medieval spindles! I collect rocks, so I love having spindles with removable stone whorls! And I am super happy with all of the products I have gotten from HersheyFiberArts. The spindle sticks and whorls are wonderfully made. You can really see the quality workmanship that was put into them. The spindle sticks are nice and smooth, yet they are not slippery. Making them really easy to spin with. And the stone whorls are wonderful balanced and beautifully carved. And the sticks and whorls fit together perfectly! I could not ask for a better fit or a more beautiful look.
And I love the customer service from Caroline Hershey's shop. She is very friendly and helpful, and is a joy to work with on custom orders. Plus I love how she mails her products. They are packaged very well and all of my orders have arrived in great condition. I love how she makes sturdy paper tubes that the spindle sticks are sent in. They work so wonderfully for traveling and storing my spindle sticks in. I highly recommend HersheyFiberArts to anyone looking for a well made spindle or other fiber tools!
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