Online Lucet Class

Monday, June 12, 2017
A lucet is a small simple tool that is believed to date back to Viking and medieval times. It is used to make beautiful strong cords that can be used for many projects. Including things like drawstrings, bracelets, necklaces, shoelaces, trims on outfits, and many more fun things. So when I heard about an online lucet class from Stitch Diva Studios I had to check it out!
The class is a week long and you will learn how to make 6 amazing lucet cords. Including some with beads and other fun techniques. The daily emails in this course only take 30 minutes a day. And you also get info about making/choosing a lucet. Plus the best part is that this online class is free! It is a fun class and I highly recommend it for beginners or for anyone wanting to learn how to make some new styles of cords.
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