Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Lorilee Craker's book "Money Secrets Of The Amish" she not only has cool story's of some Amish family's who have saved money amazingly but also has wonderful advise on how you can save money as well!!
And she also gives advise on how to get more out of the money that you do spend!!This book has some great tips and I really enjoyed it!! I knew the Amish were good with money, but I apparently did not know how good!! Not only do they wear stuff out and use it up, and are really good at building things they need, but they are great at finding amazing thrift deals too!! And wow are they ever great at reusing/recycling things!!
And in this book Lorilee Craker has some great ideas about how you can start being thrifty too!! I mean who wouldn't want to keep more money in there wallet and less in the store cashrester? And I really like how she tells about cool reuse ideas like useing a old dish soap bottle instead of the cheap store bought water guns!! And useing a ball of aluminum foil tossed in your dryer with the wet laundry instead of dryer sheets!! Who would have guessed it would removes static and never needs to be changed!! If you are interested in learning some new tricks on how to save money, you should check out Lorilee Craker's book!!

I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. The opinions are my own.


  1. I love your review!! Sounds like an amazing book!! I can't wait to receive my book from booksneeze and write my review. Maybe I will learn from you and go directly to the christian book web site to post my review instead of trying all the other ones... how upsetting that you had so much troubles!! :( I am gad you finally found one that would work for you! :)
    Love you!!

  2. Wow!! I didn't realize how much I missed being on line... lol!! Finally my blogger works... yay!!!! I don't know what was happening before but it wouldn't let me do anything. I just put my book sneeze gadget on so now I think I may be all signed up and ready for the book to come in the mail. :)

  3. I saw your web site today.... it looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! I love that pic of your Dorkling rooster! And Pepper is SO cute!! :)

  4. Thanks!! :) Yeah I hope you don't have any trouble like I did!! I am SO glad your blog is working again!! :)

  5. Yeah I love that rooster photo too!! Do you think I should leave her name Pepper? It sure is taking me a long time to get use to Peppers new name being Duchess, some times I call her Pepper and then other times I call her Duthess!! Lol! But I really liked the idea of my female being named Duchess and my male named Duke!! :)

  6. Oohhhh! Yeah! It's Duchess! LOL! I forgot again too! LOL! Personally I love Duke and Duchess!! They are so cute!!