Tip Of The Day ~ Doggy Dress Up

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I love dressing up my 2 little house dogs!! [a Chihuahua and a toy Poodle] And this year for Thanksgiving I am planning on dressing them both up as Pilgrims!! Although if you don't like to dress your dogs that much you could just put bows in their fur!! And if you like you could ever put dog nail polish on their nails!! I love to put bows in my toy Poodles hair but she has been very good at getting them out. As of now the kind that I have found that works the best is the bows that are on a rubber band. But you have to be careful to not get them in to lose or your dog will probably get them out really easy if your dog is anything like my Poodle has been!! :) If you are interested in getting some bows you should check out Adorable Puppy Supplies, she has a lot of bows for sale that are SO cute!! And they don't cost a lot!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

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