French Angora Wool For Sale

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Above is a photo of Snowball

A few days ago I saved some more wool from one of my lovely purebred French Angora, Snowball!! He is a blue cream color so his wool is white which is really nice since it can go with so many other colors and is great for dyeing!! And mine is hand plucked so it turns out better then wool that is just cut off French Angoras!! [cut off wool can have tiny, short itchy pieces of wool in with the nice long pieces of wool] If anyone is interested in buying some or would like a small free sample email me at and let me know!!


  1. I love that picture I took of Snowball! He is still my favorite male rabbit!! :) He is the sweetest little boy!

  2. Yeah I love that photo of Snowball too!! Thanks again for helping me with photos!! :)