Lambing and Kidding Workshop

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kathy at over at Herbal Maid Fiber Farm is having a great sounding workshop about lambing and kidding starting soon!! Here is what she said about it,

"HMFF's Lambing and Kidding Workshop begins on Feb 1st. This workshop brings daily lessons to your inbox for three weeks (M-F). Lots of pictures (sized for easy download even for dialup connections) and instruction on preparation, signs of impending labor, normal and abnormal deliveries, post natal care, incubator barrels (instead of those dangerous heatlamps) and kid sweaters. Its all included!"

I love how the lessons come to your email so you can get to them when you have time!! And she has had such wonderful photos in her workshop classes!! And I love how she has the parts about the incubator barrels and kid sweaters, those sure sound like some good things to have on hand!! If you are new to breeding sheep or goats, or just want to learn more about it, you should check out Kathy's workshop!! But hurry because it is suppose to start on Feb. 1, and it is only $30 for the 3 week workshop!! For more info or to sing up you can email Kathy at

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