Fiber Fun Month ~ Charkha Spinning Wheel

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Charkha wheel is from India and gained popularity thanks to Mahatma Gandhi, it had a portrayal of economic independence because of its practical use for spinning cotton. Instead of India having to sell the raw cotton for low prices and then buy high priced fabric, they could then spin the cotton themselves. And It is still being used in some parts of India today.
The box style is one type of a Charkha wheel. It is very compact and folds up together into it's box frame and you can take with you. Think of it like a book or briefcase that you open and it has spinning wheel parts inside. Or Ashford has one that sits and does not have a box frame, but it is still great for travelling. It has a 9" wheel and it set on a rectangle platform.
Unlike normal spinning wheels that have a foot pedal, someone spinning on a Charkha rotates the wheel with one hand while drafting the fiber with the other hand. The Charkha is a wonderful quill spindle spinning wheel and is great for spinning very fine fibers like cotton, silk, angora, etc.

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