Fiber Fun Month ~ French Angora Wool

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

French Angora rabbits have wonderful fiber, it is amazingly soft and super warm. It is actually softer then cashmere. And Angora wool is about 8 times warmer then sheep wool! And because it is such a light weight fiber you can have the warmth without the weight!

Plus the French Angora wool can be hand plucked off the rabbit when they are ready to lose their current coat. And when their fiber is ready to be hand plucked, their next coat is already growing in under their current coat. So if you were to look down at the rabbit and hand pluck 1/4 or half of the rabbit at a time it should look like it now has a lovely shorter coat is the finish area.

And in yarn it is the guard hair that is in with their wool that gives the French Angora yarn the fluffy "halo look". And the guard hair helps keep the rabbits from getting mats as easily.

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