Fiber Fun Month ~ Hand Carders

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

If you have raw fleeces to process then you probably already know all about hand carders. They are one type of tool that works to separate and straighten the fibers for spinning. They work by putting your fiber on one carder evenly until the carders teeth barely show through. Then you hold one carder in each hand, the carder with the fiber facing up and the other carder facing down. Then you begin brushing the top carder against the bottom carder. Starting at the edge and working your way a crossed the bottom one. Then you trade the carders to your opposite hand and begin again. After you have done that a few times and your fiber is all fluffy and ready, use your empty carder to help roll the fiber off. After you are done you roll up the fiber you just took off the carder for a lovely rolag to use for spinning. 
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