Fiber Fun Month ~ Spriggs 7' Adjustable Triangle Loom Review

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
 I love shawls so I have wanted a triangle loom for a long time. And when I got the chance of getting a Spriggs 7' adjustable triangle loom I could not pass it up. I am very happy with this loom and how well it is made. It is easy to use and I love that I do not have to warp this loom! It has a amazing design where you are able to start weaving with a single strand of yarn right from the ball, and the loom gets warped by itself while you weave. So it is a great way to use some of your leftover yarn, and there is no loom waste to deal with! You can even use different types and sizes of yarns since there are no heddles or reeds. You can double up on the nails for using fine yarns or you could use homespun, fuzzy, or wild yarns, etc. There are so many options!
 And since it is made from oak [other woods are available] it is very beautiful and should last a long time. And the matching oak stand works wonderful and is perfect with the loom. It not only makes a great place to use the loom, but it is also a lovely way to store the loom by leaving it up. But if space it hard to come by the loom also takes apart easily for storage. And one nice thing about this loom is that it is adjustable, so you could make different sized pieces with the same loom. And this is not just about making shawls, the triangles can be put together to make squares and many other projects. It is a wonderful and unique loom that I highly recommend!
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