I Love Thee by Faith Blum

Thursday, September 17, 2015

 As a bachelor Cole Baxter never planned on suddenly raising four young children. But after the sudden death of Cole's sister and her husband their children need a home. Although even with his foreman taking care of his ranch for him, after a week of trying to care for the grieving children he knows he needs help. But hired help will not work, the children need a real mother. Which means Cole needs to find a wife, and soon.
Out of the 3 novellas Faith Blum released this summer I Love Thee has got to be my favorite! I felt like I knew the characters from the beginning, and the plot and story flow were great. I remembered a brief scene about these characters in Faith Blum's novel, Amazing Grace, so I loved seeing how their full story went and how the ending happened. And even though it is a novella I did not feel like I was missing any pieces of the story. I really enjoyed this novella and I highly recommend it!
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