Make Your Own Dry Erase Board

Friday, September 18, 2015

I love using a dry erase board to make to-do-lists and to write down ideas. But my old store bought dry erase board was so stained and scratched it was no good anymore. So I made my own new one! It works wonderfully and looks so much nicer than the cheap one I had before. So if you are needing a new dry erase board just follow the steps below to easily make one that is beautiful and one of a kind.

To make your own dry erase board all you need to do is find a picture frame you are not using anymore. [That has glass, not plastic, to write on with your dry erase markers.] The frame can be as big or as small as you want. 
Cut a piece of blank paper and place it inside the frame. Or if you want to make it fancy you can paint the edges of the paper before putting it in. And since you can change the paper whenever you want you could have seasonal paintings on the paper edges like yellow/red leaves during fall, snowflakes during winter, etc. 

And if you want it extra fancy you could even hot glue some decorations in one of the frame corners, or even all the way around the frame if you want. You could use many different things like shells, silk flowers, small rocks, the possibilities are endless!
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