18" All-n-One Loom Review

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I really love the 18" All-n-One loom that is made by Authentic Knitting Board! It is very easy to use, and it is super well made. The frame is made from lovely solid hardwood and it has high grade nylon pegs. And I am really enjoying how the pegs have grooves on them. The grooved pegs make it really easy to use for beginners and experienced loom knitters alike. And the loom is easily adjustable, making it possible to make different sizes of double knit or round knitting. It is amazing how many projects this loom can do! I can make everything from scarfs, hats, socks, bags, and more! And with the matching 20 peg extenders they sell [not pictured above], it is possible to make even wider projects. So it makes a great all around loom for me and anyone else who likes to make a lot of different types of projects. Plus the matching bag Authentic Knitting Board brand sells is also a great addition to the set. It works great for storing my loom and taking it on the go.
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