Hemp Fiber

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hemp is really an amazing fiber. It can be spun and used in many things. From sturdy canvas and cordage, all the way to fine and lustrous yarns that make lovely sheer cloth. It was even once know as the "King of the Plant Fibers". It is resistant to rot and salt water damage. And it was such a long lasting fiber that it was used on old time ships as ropes and sails. 
Yet it is also a fiber that is cool to the touch and absorbent. Making it a great choice for summer items. It even dries fast and does wonderful in the laundry. Hemp even does fine with strong alkalis (just not acids). Hemp fiber also dyes well, is mildew resistant, blocks ultraviolet light, and it even has natural anti-bacterial properties to it. And amazingly it is also very resistant to abrasion. It is a wonderful fiber to use in many projects that need a strong and long lasting yarn. Like macrame, rug warp, belts, bags, cords, and more! Plus fine hemp cord is even a popular choice in jewelry making.
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