Cellulose Spinning Kit Review

Friday, January 15, 2016

This cellulose spinning kit is wonderful! It includes a Indian tahkli spindle, a variety of cottons, and even 8 oz. of super fine flax. I really enjoyed getting so many different types of cotton. I got everything from lovely prepared sliver cotton in naturally colored brown, green, and white, cotton punis, ginned Pima [a type of long staple Egyptian cotton], a real cotton boll fresh from the field, and more! 
And since a tahkli spindle came with the kit I was able to start having fun from the moment it came in the mail. I plan to try spinning my flax on my spinning wheel, but I am really happy it came included with the kit. It is amazingly soft and so beautiful! Plus the kit came with some great info about the different types of cotton, and instructions about how to spin and ply cotton on a tahkli spindle. The instructions were very clear and nicely written, and they even had some drawings to help show you how to spin. 
I am very happy with the wonderful quality of all the fiber and other items in this kit. If you are interested in spinning plant fibers this is a great kit to get you started. And even if you already spin cotton this is a fun kit because it gives you different types of cotton, plus some super fine flax, to play around with.
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