The Nostepinne

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

  There are some times when yarn just needs to be rewound into a new ball. Like if you have some skeins of hand spun yarn that need to be wound into a ball before using. Or if you have small amounts of leftover yarn that you would like to save for later use. But you do not need a yarn winder to do all those things. There is a wonderful and simple tool, called a Nostepinne, that can do the same job for a lot less.
The Nostepinne is a old fashioned tool that is used kind of like a handheld ball winder. The name "Nostepinne " is a Scandinavian word that means nest-stick. It is a easy tool to use, and it is very portable. It can be used to make lovely center-pull balls of yarn is multiple sizes. When you are done winding the yarn on the Nostepinne you just easily slide the ball right off. Plus it can be used without changing the twist in your yarn. 
A Nostepinne is a great tool for using with any size yarn. And it is so helpful for winding your leftover yarn into nice new center-pull balls to keep your yarn stash neat. And another great thing about it is the price. You can get a beautifully made wooden Nostepinne for a lot less than getting a expense wooden ball winder.

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