Finn Wool

Monday, January 30, 2017

Finn sheep are an amazing breed that are thought to be several hundred years old. The females are loving mothers and are known to have "litters of lambs" instead of a single lamb each year! Originally Finn sheep were imported to North America for use in cross-breeding programs to increase the number of lambs each year in commercial flocks. 
But the pure Finn sheep are a wonderful breed with great qualities. Finn sheep are a smaller sized sheep that have a wonderful docile and friendly personality. And since they do not have any horns you don't have to worry as much about them getting stuck in your fence and other such problems. Making them easy keepers that are a joy to own.
Finn sheep are also a very nice medium wool breed . They have a 3 to 6 inch staple length and a micron count that is normally around 24 to 31. Their wool has a wonderful soft hand and a lustrous shine to it that hand spinners love. This type of luster is normally only found in the long wool breeds of sheep. And since the long wool breeds are often coarser, Finn wool makes a great chose if you are looking for a lustrous wool that is softer. It is also a wonderful wool for felting. Whether you like to do wet felting or needle felting Finn wool is a wonderful chose. Making them a wonderful rare breed of sheep that is a must try!
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