HersheyFiberArts Nalbinding Needle Review

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I recently decided to try ordering a 3 inch walnut Nalbinding needle from HersheyFiberArts. And it is one of my favorites now! Things like the size, smoothness, and a good feel in the hand are important to me. And this needle was a pleasure to work with. 
It is very smooth and it works amazing well for nalbinding. It goes easily through the yarn loops without snagging. And the needle is just the right size. It is small enough to go through my thumb loop without getting in the way, but it is big enough to feel just right in my hand.
It also has a lovely finish on it. Helping to protect it over time, and giving it a beautiful finished look. HersheyFiberArts has proven to me again and again to have great quality products for reasonable prices. And I look forward to seeing what Caroline Hershey comes out with next.
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