Nalbinding - What in the World Is That? ~ Book Review

Friday, January 20, 2017
Book Description
  This is the black and white version of the book: Nalbinding - An Age-Old Technique Nalbinding was and is found around the world, but in most industrialized countries it is virtually unknown today. This was not always so. Only when knitting began to spread in the European Middle Ages, did nalbinding sink into oblivion there. Today, creative people are re-discovering nalbinding. If you are interested in how nalbinding developed, this book provides you with a historical overview based on the most important archaeological finds. If you are a textile artisan or scholar, you will find fascinating structures and diverse variations described and explained. And finally, if you have the courage to learn and revive an ancient handicraft, there are instructions for various stitches and practical projects.
My Review
I love this book! Even though the pictures are black and white they are very helpful, and the book holds so much wonderful info. It has a lot of great historical finds, history, and how-to info in this book. It shows how to do different types of stitches, different ways to add on new pieces of yarn, how to start the bottom in multiple ways, etc. And with nalbinding being such a rare craft, a book with this much quality work put into it is worth a lot. If you are interested in giving nalbinding a try I highly recommend this book! It is really nice to have so much info on hand in print.
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