Amongst The Flames by T.K. Chapin

Friday, September 25, 2015
Cole Taylor is firefighter in downtown Spokane, and everyone at Firehouse 9 looks up to him. He has been at the department for a long time and has no fear of the dangerous situations his job gets him into.
His wife, Megan, is a stay-at-home mother of their two young boys. He loved her very much and believed she was the most perfect wife ever. But he was totally taken by surprise when Megan suddenly left him.

Cole may not have been afraid of the hundreds of dangerous fires he has fought in his lifetime, but when it came to fighting for his own family he found out how bad fear could get.
 Amongst The Flames covers a lot of problems that are happening today in some marriages. I liked how Cole learned to relay on his faith. And it was nice to see how he tried to overcame problems and save his marriage and family. I enjoyed seeing his character grow through the book. 
And there are some good lessons in the story. Like learning to trust, have faith, etc. Plus with him being a firefighter I enjoyed getting a look into what life was like at a Firehouse. Although overall I did not enjoy the book as much as I had hoped. A lot of the times when things just started looking better, everything would turn around and almost fall apart again. That does seem to be how real life works a lot of the time, but it made the book a little less enjoyable for me.
I received this book free from the author, T.K. Chapin, for my honest review. The opinions are my own.
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