Project Trends For 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

I have heard there are some really fun project trends coming for 2016! 
One of them is the colors of black and white. It has a very sharp look when paired together, and makes a wonderful bold fashion statement.
The next trend is fringe, which is always a fun thing to use in projects! So it is great to hear that fringe may be one of the biggest trends for spring 2016. Fringe can be used on so many things from dresses, shoes, scarves, and more. And with all the different ways and sizes you can do fringe there are many fun and unique ways to use it.
Super chunky is also taking a big spot light this year when it come to accessories and home decor. The bigger and bolder the stitches the better! And with large chunky projects being quicker and easier to finish this should be a really fun trend!
 The next trend we are going to talk about is weaving. It is a fun and simple way to play around with a variety of different colors and textures of yarns. Woven wall hangings are popular weaving projects that are enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. It is easy to start making lovely artistic wall art in no time at all. But there are also many other weaving projects out there to try as well, since the woven look is also popular for home decor items. Like table runners, pillows, tote bags, clutches, and more!
And last but not least, is the knit look! The look of knit stitches has became very popular, making a already fun project even better. The knit look is showing up in many places, even things that are not really knit have the look of knit stitches add to them. And even if you only know how to crochet there are wonderful crochet patterns out there that have the knit look.
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