Project Trends For 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

With spring just around the corner what can we expect in the upcoming year? Well there are some fun trends that may be showing up for 2017! 
 Pantone Color of the Year
The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is Greenery. Which is a beautiful spring green color! It would be a great color for making a spring accessory with. It reminds me of fresh spring fields in the country with new little lambs leaping about.
If you like stripes then you should have fun with this trend! You can add fun splashes of color to just about any project by using stripes. And with all the different options of sizes, widths, etc, they can take on many different looks. With narrow colorful stripes, wide neutral colored stripes, and everything in between, you can make it your own.
Natural Yarns
This is a wonderful trend for people who like to use natural products. Natural fibers/yarns come in many beautiful shades. From a off white, fawn, brown, chocolate, black, grey, and more. There are plenty of amazing colors to work with. And when you use a natural color like this for a project it can easily match so many of your outfits! Plus the colors never really go out of style so you can use it for years to come. Making it a great color chose for any special project.
Real Shoe Looking Baby Booties
 Baby booties are cute as it is. But when they are made to look like a real shoe they can get even more cute!  And with all of the wonderful baby shoe patterns currently available there are a lot of great designs to pick from. From winter boots to tennis shoes, there is a great project waiting for you. Plus they would make such a great gift.

Big stitches
Big stitches with big bulky yarn (or roving) are great for many reasons. For one they are very quick to finish, so you get to enjoy using your new hand made item sooner! The large stitches also have such a fun look. Making any project really stand out from the normal look.
Hand-Dyed Shawls
  Hand dye shawls and wraps are a beautiful thing to make. You can make them lacy or a solid design, and there are so many amazing shapes you can make them in. And since you can either dye the yarn or dye the shawl after it is finished, there are lots of options when it comes to making your one of a kind project. You can even buy beautiful hand dyed yarn online that is ready to be made into your next project. Either way you do it a hand dyed shawl or wrap is a great project that will be a true treasure!

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