Ramie Fiber

Thursday, January 26, 2017

If you like flax, bamboo, and other plant fibers than you should look into trying some ramie! Ramie is a lovely fiber that comes from a perennial plant. It has been used since ancient times and is one of the oldest plant fibers. Ramie is a beautiful naturally white lustrous fiber that is similar to silk. But you can also buy it in many dyed colors online if you are looking for some colors for you projects.

Pure ramie lacks elasticity, but it is very absorbent and breathes easily. It is one of the strongest natural fibers, and is even stronger when wet. Plus one of my favorite things is that ramie fabric holds it's shape, reduces wrinkling, and does not shrink. And because it is resistant to bacteria/mildew it does not rot easily. Although you want to avoid
folding ramie fabric repeatedly in the same place or storing it with sharp creases in it.

You can spin pure ramie into a wonderful fine weaving yarn. And like flax you can spin it either wet or dry. The new yarn is stiff at first like flax, but the lustrous appearance and softness will improve with washing and age. Ramie is a really neat fiber, and it is definitely a must try for anyone who loves spinning unique things!


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